About us


spanish adj.

1. handsome, beautiful, cool, awesome: a handsome person, a beautiful painting, a beautiful nature, cool music; awesome book
2.  slang. exceeding the norm (by criteria or quality): pretty good wage; stunning results, very elegant


Sasha & Eva

We are a Slovak brand focusing on creating wallpapers, fabrics and interior accessories with authentic designs that blend nordic minimalism with southern temperament. Guapa was founded by Alexandra Varšová and Eva Kocnárová and is considered a natural outcome of their similar views at graphic artwork in its diverse forms.

The role of color and experimentation with simple shapes play an important part in our work. We consider our driving force to be playfulness and imaginativeness which are the qualities we see as the basis of a joyful and young spirit. This is exactly the feeling that we want to transcend through our interiors.


Eva Kristóf

Eva Kristof has been cooperating with the Guapa brand since 2016. She first expanded the studio’s portfolio with a collection of textile products and later she began experimenting with the transfer of designs to other materials and forms. Eva studied textile design, sculpture and graphics and has been working for media for several years. She uses her experience to find new technologies and unusual solutions. She believes in a simple idea, a strong concept and precise processing.