Our brand offers high-quality fabrics for both home decor projects and clothing sewing projects.

Choose from our extensive range of patterns and colours and select the suiting material for your project. Our bamboo textiles are proper for comfortable and silky clothing, the cotton sateen textiles are perfect for home decor like curtains, pillows or pouffs and for your upholstery projects choose the sturdy and durable twill.

Minimum order for fabrics is 5 m.


Bamboo is naturally antiseptic and is characterized by excellent absorbent properties. It is suitable for children as well as allergy sufferers thanks to the natural antibacterial elements in bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre fabric is made of bamboo pulp fibre and has a similar feel to that of viscose.

Composition: 100% Bamboo
Width: 150 cm (146 cm)
Weight: 120g/m2


Cotton sateen is characterised by a natural subtle sheen and is very pleasant to the touch. It is ideal for curtains, bed linen, pillows and accessories as well as dresses and shirts.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Width: 145cm (prints at 136cm)
Weight: 172g/m2


Twill is a sturdy and durable fabric which is mainly suitable for home decor projects like upholstery, pouffs, kids tents or even throw pillows.

Composition: 35% Cotton 65% Polyester
Width: 150 cm (prints at 146 cm)
Weight: 245 g/m2