Throw pillow Emilliana


Dimensions: 60cm x 50cm
Material: 100% cotton sateen



Our brand pillows serve both decoration and relaxation. Our pillow covers are made of 100% cotton and feature a handy strap to easily hang them up and use as a soft backrest.

You have a choice from two filling materials:

Organic buckwheat filling:
Buckwheat is a natural material that is harmless to your health or the environment. The buckwheat hulls from which the filling is produced have a beneficial effect. The head and spine have an optimal support while resting on a soft foundation. The muscles especially in the shoulder and neck area relax fully which leads to an intense feeling of relaxation while the hulls gently massage the nape. This type of pillow helps with a sore neck, back, tense shoulders, migraine and even insomnia. The pillows are very soft to the touch and easily adapt to the shape of your body. They can be used for sitting during meditation or as support during yoga practice.

Hollow fibers filling:
Products containing a filling of hollow fibers are particularly suitable for asthmatics, those suffering from allergies, people who have a greater demand on hygiene and they are suitable for small children too. The pillows are filled with high quality polyester fiber in the form of beads. The beads make for a soft, fluffy and elastic pillow. Thanks to the hollow composition of the fibers in the beads the pillows are warm and comfortable.
Hollow fibers make for a highly breathable material that doesn’t hold moisture hence repels fungus, mites and bad odor. A pillow with a hollow fiber filling thus creates an anti-allergic environment and is a great choice if you know that you will need to wash your duvet regularly.

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Organic buckwheat, Hollow fibers, Cover (without pillow)